New feature at the 2014 RAM/SWANA conference

Beginning in January and February of this year, the RAM Communications team noticed several articles in news media across the state featuring recycling and solid waste topics as the subject matter for a number of artist’s projects.   In the course of conversations, it was decided to consider a possible showing of some of these recycling / solid waste related art works at our fall conference.

RAM is very fortunate that Sarah Helleckson, Transit and Solid Waste Manager with the City of Plymouth and Sarah Filipi of Sarah Grace Photography, LLC, have joined forces to organize a unique art exhibit for display and promotion at the RAM Annual Conference in Bloomington, on October 8-9, 2014.

Not only is Ms Filipi helping to organize the exhibit this year, but she will be exhibiting at the event as well. The artists, Heather Cole (Design HMC), Heidi Henderson (HKH Paintings), Chris Swedzinski, (Swede Steel Works), Thomas Schrunk (Lustrous materials), and Kyle Fokken (Sculpture)  and Sarah Filipi (Sarah Grace Photography, LLC), all have added a touch of “Wasted Art” flair to their modern and fine art works! Whether it’s reusing plastic milk jugs for dynamic and economical lighting or reclaiming wooden doors to use as a paint canvas, creating dimensional pieces from materials reclaimed from a burned paper mill, these artists are creating very personal pieces.

Each artist has an instinctive bond to the environment and is dedicated to inspiring change with their own works of recycled art.

Sarah Filipi, Owner of Sarah Grace Photography, LLC is pleased to announce that “R-365,” her personal yearlong, recycling art project has been chosen as an installation for the Creative Climate Awards in New York City this fall. The judged competition, hosted by The Human Impacts Institute, inspires those around the globe through art and climate. The awards competition encourages others to take action and create awareness around our daily actions that impact the environment.

For more information on the artists at the RAM/SWANA conference, please see the following links: