Key to Recycle

Key to Recycling v2Do you have a junk drawer with orphan keys and you don’t know what to do with them?  The Recycling Association of Minnesota has your answer . . . our Key to Recycle™ program!

Key to Recycle™ is a statewide key recycling program offered to businesses and other organizations.  It is a free program to recycle old unwanted keys¸ and best of all anyone can participate.  The key recycling bins are collected by individuals with developmental disabilities at local vocational centers and sorted by metal type to be properly recycled.

This program provides green jobs and offers a value added service for businesses to provide to their customers.  Key to Recycle™ is key_recyclea win-win for the economy and the environment.

Other benefits include:
• The first-of-its-kind key recycling program
• Free program: free recycling bins, free promotion and free pick-ups
• Employs adults with disabilities at local vocational centers
• Creates meaningful green jobs here in Minnesota
• Goal: Recycle 5,000 pounds of keys
• Unique partnership between Recycling Association of Minnesota and local vocational centers and businesses
• Bright idea: helps bring foot traffic to your location!

Click on the map below to find your nearest drop off location.