Education and Outreach

Current education and outreach initiatives occurring throughout Minnesota


RAM’s mission is to foster education about resource conservation opportunities in Minnesota.  During the 2013-2014 year, RAM was able to expand on its education and outreach efforts by hosting a Minnesota GreenCorps member, Katelyn Larsen.  Katelyn worked to increase milk carton recycling in schools and hospitals throughout greater Minnesota as well as pilot a bulk milk dispenser project in a k-12 public school to understand the feasibility of providing an alternative to reduce waste for schools unable to participate in milk carton recycling programs.  The resources on this page have been developed to guide schools and the public in accomplishing waste reduction and recycling projects.

Resources for Schools

Milk Carton Recycling

Milk Carton Recycling 101
Carton Council
Carton Opportunities
Milk Carton Recycling Video
Volume to Weight Carton Study

Milk Dispensers

New London-Spicer Pilot Study Review

New London-Spicer Pilot Study Report

Waste Reduction

Jeffers Foundation: Waste Reduction Awareness Program
Creating less trash at school
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: Helping schools reduce pollution
Recycle More Minnesota Toolkit

Crayon Recycling

Crazy Crayons

Textbook Reuse/Recycling

A Greener Read
Better World Books
Books for Africa

Locker Clean-Out

How to organize a locker clean-out and reduce waste

Resources for Businesses and the Public

Understanding the Value in your Trash
Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board: Commercial Cost and Billing Research
Carton Council: Food and Beverage Carton Recycling in Your Area
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: Waste Reduction