Kids Page

Meet the Planet Pals!:
 They’ll teach you all about being a good steward to the planet.  With fun activities, music, posters, and more, Planet Pals will make learning fun!
Nature’s Recyclers Coloring Book:
 Learn about composting by coloring!  This coloring book teaches kids about composting and the microorganisms involved in the process.
Ollie’s World:
 Help Ollie save the planet by doing your part!  Join Ollie’s team, play games, and learn about things you can do in our town!
NASA Climate Kids:
 Learn about climate and impacts on the environment by watching videos, playing games, coloring pictures, and more!
It’s hard to remember to recycle.
 Maybe it would help if you could make a targeted tossing contest out of it every time you threw something into a bin. Well, now you can!