America Recycles Day

Each year on November 15th Americans celebrate America Recycles Day (ARD). RAM is the state organizer for ARD, we provide outreach services to our members and the public.

Want to help promote America Recycles Day (ARD) at your school, office, church, or organization? We have everything you need to get started….and then some!




Download the ARD toolkit:
Here is everything you will need to help promote America Recycles Day. The America Recycles Day campaign’s approach is to promote recycling with online pledging. Paper copy templates are available online as well. The electronic version allows partners to customize media releases, articles, websites, and emails.

Looking for more ideas?

Here are a couple of things you can do for ARD:
Click here to take the pledge! Pledge online to recycle more, reduce waste and much more!
• Email your co-workers on America Recycles Day (November 15th) to let them know about recycling at your business or organization.
• Host an ARD event and tell us about it. Email to inform us about your event!