Who Are Our Members

We have members from the recycling, waste management, manufacturing, local government, education and business communities as well as the general public. 

Why Should You Join 

Your support for RAM makes it possible for us to strengthen our advocacy for increased recycling in Minnesota by:
• Offering training and forums throughout the state.
• Organizing events such as the highly successful RAM/SWANA Annual Conference.
• Creating and supporting state and local recycling programs.
• Providing recycling resources and support to our members, educators, businesses, and the public.
• Keeping our members informed about local, state, national, and international news, policy, and developments.

We invite you to support RAM and its mission by joining with other committed citizens and partners who recognize that the saying “what goes around comes around” has no finer application than with RAM and our mission.

To learn more about becoming a member, check out the RAM Membership Brochure

To Become A Member

Fill out a Membership Application and send to or mail to Recycling Association of Minnesota, 2250 Wabash Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55114
For questions about membership, call (651) 641-4589 or email