Compost Bins & Rain Barrels

The 2016 compost bin & rain barrel sale season has concluded.

RAM is very pleased to extend a huge Thank You to our City and County partners and the volunteers, without whom there would be no Rain Barrel/Compost Bin events.

This year, as every year,  Minnesota springtime provided a full gamut of weather for our events, but we were prepared for all events and even managed to provide “ pre-loaded “  rain barrels for some people!

Again, thank you to all of those that purchased products or volunteered at our distribution events. To see highlights from the 2016 season, check out the pictures below.

IMG_4133 (002)

Plymouth Distribution Site


Plymouth Distribution Site


Plymouth Distribution Site


Loading the truck at RAM HQ


Ramsey Distribution Site


Ramsey Distribution Site


Ramsey Distribution Site


Ramsey Distribution Site


Burnsville Distribution Site


Burnsville Distribution Site


St. Paul Distribution Site


St. Paul Distribution Site


St. Paul Distribution Site








































St. Louis Park Distribution Site


St. Louis Park Distribution Site


St. Louis Park Distribution Site


St. Louis Park Distribution Center





















Composting & Rain Barrel Use Fact Sheet 2016

The fact sheet includes: dimensions, capacity, pricing, and information on the benefits of composting and using rain barrels.









COMPOST BINS $59: Composting is a great way to inexpensively create nutrient rich fertilizer for gardens or landscaping by recycling much of your kitchen and yard waste.

RAIN BARRELS $74: With many cities enforcing watering bans, rain water can be applied anytime and is naturally soft, devoid of minerals, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals, making it great for plants, lawns and gardens. Rain water cannot be used for drinking without special treatment.

PLASTIC KITCHEN PAILS $15: Every backyard composter will agree that kitchen pails are a convenient solution to collecting kitchen scraps when preparing and cleaning up after meals.

STAINLESS STEEL ½ GALLON KITCHEN PAIL $25: The Stainless Steel kitchen pail is equipped with a carbon filter to help reduce odors.



What is a distribution event? A distribution event is an event where we coordinate for you to come pick up your order on a given date and time; we have volunteers to assist you to load everything into your vehicle.

How does placing an order work? Start by clicking on the the date/location of your choice to select which distribution event you would like to pick up your order. Then, enter in your contact information, quantities desired and your payment information. You will receive an automatic email confirmation when your order is complete with a receipt and details about the distribution event. You will also receive an email the week before the event to remind you to pick up your order.

Do you take orders over the phone? We are a small non-profit with only one full-time staff, we do not have the staff resources to generally take orders over the phone.

Can someone else pick up my rain barrel or compost bin for me? If you are unable to pick up your order, please print your confirmation email and give it to the person who will be picking up your item(s) for you. When they arrive at the sale event, have them say that they’re picking up products for you and volunteers will help load the item(s) into the vehicle.

Will my items fit in my vehicle? The compost bin breaks into two pieces for transport. The rain barrels are one piece and do not come apart. We have had very few problems fitting one rain barrel and one compost bin into a vehicle. If it will not fit in the trunk of your vehicle, either item should fit easily in the backseat.

What do I need to do in the winter to store my rain barrel? Bringing your rain barrel indoors over the winter is recommended so that you do not void the manufacturer warranty. If this option is not feasible for you, make sure you flip your rain barrel upside down so no water can enter and freeze, cracking the barrel. Covering your flipped over rain barrel with a tarp will also protect from any unwanted damage. Cracking resulting from water freezing in the rain barrel over the winter is NOT covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Don’t see your question answered here? Contact Brita at (651) 641-4590 or