Plastic Lumber and Decking

Avon Plastics in Paynesville, MN 

Brands include Armadillo plastic decking and MasterMark garden products, both made from recycled plastic.

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Bedford Technology in Worthington, MN
Bedford manufactures plastic lumber in a variety of different colors, made from recycled plastic.

Trex is a national company that makes plastic lumber from Minnesota recyclable materials.

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Mohawk Flooring
Mohawk is a national company that makes a variety of flooring including EverStrand carpet made out of up to 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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Amazon Paint in Fridley, MN
Amazon Paint recycles unwanted or leftover paint into a new product in a variety of popular colors.

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Roof Board

The ReWall Company/Continuus Materials in Des Moines, IA
The ReWall Company, purchased by Continuus Materials, manufactures EVERBOARD, a roof board made from post-industrial and post-consumer plastic and cellulose fiber.

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Strategic Materials in St. Paul, MN
Strategic processes much of the glass recycled in Minnesota to send to manufacturers that create fiberglass insulation, decorative glass products and new glass containers.

Anchor Glass in Shakopee, MN
Anchor Glass processes glass recycled in Minnesota and also produces new glass containers from a mixture of new and recycled glass.

Other Minnesota Recycled Products

To discover more products that are made in Minnesota out of recycled materials, visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Minnesota Recycled Products Directory by clicking here