Carton Recycling

The Final Webinar has finished. Please visit the links below to view the webinars.

Webinar #1 Click Here( Note, will require signing in)

Webinar # 2 Click Here   Introducing Carton Recycling into a School Program. The Process, Challenges and Successes in Minnesota schools.

Webinar # 3 Click Here Summary of the process in general and specifically, the progress made in Minnesota in the past two years.

This webinar will summarize the process in general and specifically, the progress made in Minnesota in the past two years for these cartons and will highlight visions and expectations for the future.

Topics include: Current end markets; the mill processes; experiences of local Materials Recovery Facilities, waste haulers, school, institutional and residential programs and public education/ communications efforts.

Speakers include:

  • Rich Hirstein- Republic Services; giving a recycling hauler/ Materials Recovery Facility perspective on adding carton collection and marketing to their services.
  • Kellie Kish- Recycling Coordinator, City of Minneapolis; sharing the educational efforts and initiatives employed by their staff to educate residents and businesses as carton recycling was implemented in Minneapolis.
  • Allison Sawyer- St. Louis County; presenting the methods used by St. Louis County Environmental Services as they initiated carton recycling for schools and residents in a very large, rural county in northern Minnesota.
  • Brita Sailer – Recycling Association of Minnesota; summarizing the program in general, how RAM assumed a leadership role in expanding carton recycling opportunities throughout the state of Minnesota and visions for the future.

There will be a question and answer period at the end of the presentation.

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For more information, please contact:

Brita Sailer, Recycling Assoc. of Minnesota, at the RAM office:  651-641-4560



In the interest of increasing recycling rates throughout Minnesota, RAM has partnered with several organizations to increase recycling market development, materials collection, education and to promote sustainable, stable programs to enhance recycling of a wider variety of materials.CCLg- grouping

Once such partnership is with the Carton Council, a national organization of carton manufacturers united to deliver long term collaborative solutions in order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill. Once considered a “hard to recycle” item, carton recycling is now available to over 50% of all US households, including across Minnesota.

RAM has joined forces with the Carton Council to bring more information on carton recycling to a wider audience in Minnesota to assure that residents all over the state are aware of any carton recycling opportunities that exist in their community and to promote carton recycling at Materials Recovery Facilities statewide.

To find out if Carton Recycling is available in your community, Click here.

?????????????????????????????In an initial collaboration with the RAM GreenCorps Carton Recycling project, Carton Council representatives worked on the launch of that pilot project,  assisting with training sessions and presentations to potential school and institutional partners in Central Minnesota.


RAM will also be offering a series of webinars, hosted by our partner, Carton Council. The council’s successful approach to increasing access to carton recycling has proved effective across the country and here in Minnesota, increasing opportunities to expand current programs and increase diversion of valuable recyclables.

One key component in any successful recycling venture is the establishment of solid end markets. An important component of the RAM project has been to connect fiber mills which recycle cartons with Minnesota MRFs and businesses.
In the summer of 2014, a RAM contingency was able to tour one relatively local market for cartons, the Fox River Fiber plant in DePere, WI.


Fox River Tour Guide explains pulping process to RAM visitors


Baled Aseptic Cartons on their way to the pulper    ( These are the cartons which contain thin layers of aluminum and polyethylene which must be removed from the paper components)



RAM group with Fox River Fiber President, Greg Archambault.



Baled polyethylene residue headed for recycling.


RAM members observing cartons in the pulper.


Plastic polyethylene liners after separation from the paper fiber.