It’s in the Bag

IITB-Logo_072909It’s in the BagTM is a shrink film and plastic bag recycling program of RAM that employs individuals with disabilities state-wide year-round.

The It’s in the Bag program has experienced some changes in 2016-2017.  The program is still in place in some communities, and has been discontinued in others due primarily to drop in market prices.  Check this link for complete  Current Status Update IITB.


It’s in the BagTM is a plastic bag and film recycling program that provides consumers the opportunity to recycle unwanted plastic bags at participating retail locations.  The program also provides employment for adults with disabilities, who collect and sort the plastic material from It’s in the BagTM participating communities.

Consumers may deposit clean and dry plastic bags in specially designed It’s in the BagTM collection bins found at participating retail locations.  Work crews from various vocational Boy-using-IITB-bincenters around the state collect and transport the material to a processing facility where additional work crews sort and bale the material.  The material is then shipped to Trex Company, Inc. where it is recycled into composite lumber, which is used in the construction of decks and railings.

From October 2003 to December 2009, the It’s in the BagTM program recycled more than 5.5 million pounds of plastic bags and film in the Twin Cities metro area.  This amount equates to approximately 850,000 square feet of Trex Company, Inc. decking or 1,695 decks that are 500 square feet in size.  These numbers rise daily. With the continued participation of residents and businesses throughout the state, the It’s in the BagTM program hopes to keep recycling more than ONE MILLION pounds of plastic bags and film annually.

How can I participate?

It’s in the BagTM is a community partnership relying on the residents and businesses alike.  Plastic shopping bags, food bags, and product wrapping are all materials that are generated by consumer use (mostly at-home) and these items are generally recycleable.  Businesses can become involved by completing the inquiry form found at the bottom of the page.

(All material must be clean and dry)
Plastic grocery bags
Plastic retail bags (remove string ties & rigid plastic handles)
Plastic dry-cleaning bags
Plastic cereal bags (must be dry with ALL food residue removed)
Plastic bread bags (must be dry with ALL rood residue removed)
Plastic produce bags (must be dry with ALL food residue removed)
Plastic wrap from paper products (paper towels, etc.)
Plastic salt bags (remove rigid plastic handles)
Plastic zipper bags (remove top closing mechanism)
Plastic stretch/shrink wrap
6-pack holder rings


Plastic bags with food residue
Frozen food bags
Plastic bags with strings
Plastic soil or mulch bags
Plastic zipper bags with rigid plastic closing mechanism
Plastic bubble wrap
Plastic food containers
Plastic bottles
Bags with plant-based additives, compostable/biodegradable bags

Ready to Participate?
Give us a call at (651) 641-4589