The Kids’ Guide to Recycling is a resource to incorporate in your
elementary classroom curriculum that will help students understand the
importance of recycling. Discuss the guide during class and have students share ways that they recycle. You can have them complete the activities for homework or an extra credit assignment.

Ollie’s World: Help Ollie save the planet by doing your part!  Join Ollie’s team, play games, and learn about things you can do in our town!

NASA Climate Kids: Learn about climate and impacts on the environment by watching videos, playing games, coloring pictures, and more!

Meet the Planet Pals!: They’ll teach you all about being a good steward to the planet.  With fun activities, music, posters, and more, Planet Pals will make learning fun!

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences – Kids Environment: Find kids activities and resources on a variety of environmental topics, like Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Pollution.

EPA’s Recycle City: A fun interactive program that let’s you tour city buildings to find out more information about recycling.